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Consultation is now an integral part of any planning or evaluation and is at the heart of the government's agenda.


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People Workers

"The Compass Project was a really complex piece of work. I was impressed by how well the meetings were facilitated and the quality of the reports that came out of them"

Peter Fanshawe
Manager, Wiltshire Children & Young People's Services Partnership

Before you start a project, or when you have finished, it is essential to know what people think.

We use a wide range of methods to discover opinions and get feedback on your plans or your project, from public exhibitions to small focus groups, workshops to games

It is easy to reach people who are public and vocal, but community based projects really succeed and develop when there is a true understanding of the views and priorities of those specifically concerned.

We tailor consultations to the people concerned, to make sure we reach them and that you can hear and understand what they have to say

Reports :-

What young people think - NHS

Young People's Pathways for Change

Mapping of services for disabled young people

Lives on the Edge - homeless project survey

Reports continued :-

Compass report

Consultations with young people at YPSS schools

The Wiltshire Children's Fund - report on consultations carried out on behalf of Barnardos

We can advise and support you to develop your plans or your project in response to the results to make sure that your work flourishes.

"Since 2003, Bufferzone has offered invaluable advice and support in setting up, developing and evaluating our project. Bufferzone has a highly creative approach to working with people and has carried out two very informative surveys of our guests (service users) needs. Our guests are mostly single homeless people with complex issues such as mental ill health, substance misuse or poor social skills. They find themselves on the margins of society and are often hard to engage with."

Margaret Cleverley, Manager, Doorway


“She has also helped me with projects and initiatives, offering a tremendous amount of support and great practical advice. I always ask Karolyne's opinion first whenever I consider starting a new project”

Belinda Chandler
Open Mind

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