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It is a waste of time and money to produce reports that no one will read. A few of us will recognise the experience of falling asleep before page 2, or reaching the end and not having understood half of it.


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We are passionate about written material being read by those it was written for, about clear English, clear fonts and friendly design. We work with people to make sure that what we write is in their language and explains what they want to understand.

Some of the reports we have produced have been circulated not only by the organisation concerned but by individuals passing them on to friends and colleagues as 'a good read'.

The range of guides and 'how to do it' packs we produced for clients are still being used by their customers who have said they find them very helpful.

One of the first guides written was for field workers in Pakistan starting up credit unions with rural women. We worked with the field workers discovering the realities of work with women in rural Pakistan, wrote the guide with both the workers and the women, revised it after trials and again as field workers themselves learnt how more about the challenges they faced.

We continue to use this process as the most effective way of producing something which is realistic and useful.

"Bufferzone was able to take the complexities of our grants programme and translate them into language that everyone can understand. They helped us remove some serious barriers to access to our funds".

Wiltshire and Swindon Community Foundation

Guides and Reports :-

Children's Fund Annual Report

In Yer Face - compass report designed and written by young people

A financial detective story - Progress fund accounts for community groups

Progress 2 is... - monitoring and evaluation for community groups

The evaluation machine - network fund evaluation pack for community groups

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