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Bufferzone is a consultancy which brings together a network of creative specialists to bring imagination and practical thinking to any type of community focused work.


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People Workers

Bufferzone consultancy puts together talented, friendly teams that are right for you and your needs; from the day to day to the most challenging task. We select skills and experience to suit any type of people work, as much or as little as you need.
Our consultancy specialises in work with people who are seen as 'hard to reach', such as minorities, vulnerable young people, homeless, and isolated older people.
Clients return to us because we work with them, use equal parts perspiration and inspiration and deliver great results.

We love a challenge - try us..

Bufferzone consultancy can help you with:-

  • Research, evaluations and consultations
  • Designing and producing attractive, easy to read annual reports, guides and 'how to do it' packs
  • Project management and one to one mentoring and support
  • Community work

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